The Top 10 Getting Rid of COVID

The Top 10 Getting Rid of COVID

The Problem Solvers are learning from experts about some of the best shopping centers in Denver, because of concerns over viruses.

The research and information comes from a janitorial cleaning team.

The company works with businesses and stores.

The most germiest shop in the Mile High City is a Best Buy or a GameStop, according to a report by Stratus Building Solutions.

The experts say these stores have rows of products you can try before buying them.

Anything that has a touch screen. You want to check out a computer, an iPad, or a phone, and you want to use it for work. That is usually what I find. Jo Ann Sellers with Stratus Building Solutions said there is usually a thousand people touching that after you do. If you don’t properly wash your hands, you can get an infection from touching it again and it can go to another infection.

According to Sellers, about a hundred stores in the metro area had to be sanitised by the same company.

She says that there are other culprits, including food courts uv disinfection lamp , toy stores and coffee shops.

Coloradans visit grocery stores on a daily basis.

They are germy because of the rise in self check out machines.

The experts at Stratus Building Solutions tell the Problem Solvers that if you have a germ-ridden hand, you can touch the machines.

Sellers had to share what the germiest shopping malls were.

I have been to Park Meadows. That is a big one. Also, Cherry Creek. They are trying to make up for under-staffed and they are hard to work for. We see it in restaurants. She said that the bigger locations are usually the ones that need a sputum.

The University of Colorado at Boulder says we have about 3,200 germs on our hands.

What is the best option for protecting you and your family from the germs in these locations?

The Problem Solvers were given advice by Sellers.

Hand Sanitizer: This may sound obvious, but who isn’t carrying this around these days? Do you know how to make sure it works for you during a shopping trip?

It will take about 20 seconds to cover your hands and rub them together. The CDC is the source.

Don’t use soap as a substitute for warm water. It is possible to wash your hands.

Peak effectiveness can be achieved by using about once an hour.

Sanitizing wipes are perfect for wiping down surfaces of toys, food court tables and your cell phone after you have left. Can be used to wipe down door handles.

If you are going to shop for toys, you should use latex gloves. The toy aisles are crawling with germs. The gloves will give you protection against bugs while you look for gifts.

Reusable shopping bags are a great way to avoid getting sick from using plastic bags, but make sure they are clean first. Before you go to the mall or Target, wash each bag in hot water and laundry detergent.

If you are in a crowded shopping center, you need a KN95 mask to be ready. The masks offered by the KN95 are more protection than the cloth masks.

A thick highlighter can be used to push buttons. Once the day is over, be sure to wash your hands.

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