Roblox Horror Experiences – The Best Horror Experiences

Roblox Horror Experiences – The Best Horror Experiences

There’s something oddly satisfying about getting your blood pumping with a truly terrifying play through, and our picks for the best scary Roblox experiences have something for everyone. The experiences mentioned below made it onto our list because of their dedication to the horror genre and their efforts to push the bar for Roblox experiences in general, so be warned, some of them are not for the faint of heart! Let us know what experiences you would add to the list after reading this article.

Roblox Horror Games List

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The Mimic

This image is via Roblox.

It’s not very common for terrifying experiences to be uploaded to Roblox, so it made sense when The Mimic grew to massive popularity. If you’re a fan of horror, you’ll love the sound design, multiple thought-out chapters, map massive enough to make you feel insignificant, and plenty of jump scares in the game. A person standing behind you thinks the same.

The True Backrooms

The True Backrooms is via Roblox.

The True Backrooms is a horror experience that builds its fear by getting you to think in your own head. The backrooms are the place where everyone swears that they’ve been before, whether it be in a dream or in some distant memory. The True Backrooms challenge players to escape the maze nation creator and also to escape themselves in the process.

Three Nightmares

The image is via Roblox.

Three Nightmares allows players to choose from three different horror stories, each with its own setting, mystery, suspense, and enemies. This game is not for the faint of heart and may be too much for the average player. The entire experience of Three Nightmares is covered in a crackling, static-y filter, so it looks like an old VHS tape.

Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House is a picture.

Alone in a Dark House may seem like just another murder mystery experience, but it is. Depending on how you look at it, this couldn’t be farther from reality. Players are pushed to solve puzzles, work with their teammates, and tackle various fears, including ghosts, the dark, tight spaces, and being alone.

The Maze

The Maze via Roblox.

It’s a perfect mix between the thought of what’s in the distance at any moment and what’s breathing down your neck once you’re in the maze. The use of a camera’s flash as your main light source makes exploring an abandoned mining cave that much more horrifying, even if you get to do it with 11 of your friends It’s difficult to keep track of other players in this experience due to the cave’s twists and turns, so sometimes hearing footsteps or seeing a light around a corner will do more harm than good.

Dark Corners

This image is via Roblox.

It seems simple to collect shards, complete levels, and escape. Dark Corners wants to scare you, and they don’t pull any punches in doing so. The experience leaves everything on the table, and sometimes that’s all a horror fan wants.

The Library

The Library via Roblox.

The Library is all about going in blind, but with a description that doesn’t give a clue as to what this experience is. It’s up to the player to figure out how to win or escape the library because the story of this experience is notexistent. Avoid enemies, solve puzzles, and become frustrated by how difficult both of these requirements are.

Cult of the Cryptids

A play through of the game would be best suited for those who enjoy a challenge, as it is not for those who like linear story telling or the random rooms in haunted houses. There’s never a dull moment in C OTC with appearances from Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, Wendigo, The Rake, La Llorona and more.


The image is via Roblox

Imagine invites players into another family’s home to help solve the mystery of their death. Imagine is a slow burn horror game that is worth every second. Each time a new chapter is added, it focuses on a different member of the Williams family, which keeps the experience fresh.


One of the more fun experiences on this list is BEAR, a one versus all escape experience where one player is turned into Bear and the other nine players must escape and defeat them. Bear is fast, loud, and has a terrifying jump scare screen, so don’t expect a simple kid’s game to go wrong. Some of the players in the game don’t look like cute and fluffy teddy bears.


Our picks for scariest Roblox experiences are done. If you agree or disagree, please let us know in the comments.

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